At some point for every human being, life could pose as extremely difficult to live. Terrible situations and multiple emotions take over reasoning and one could get confused as to what step to take next. Many drown in that state of confusion and live unachieving, sad, and misdirected lives.

Considering his background, early years, and the hardship he had to face at some point, the same would have been the case of popular health and wellness coach, Jason “Tattedprezz” Nemes if he did not stand his ground on giving birth to the vision he had for his life.

“I have faced many obstacles. I have had a couple of tough breakups. One led me to a major drug addiction which I was able to beat because I knew I needed to stop. I have suffered a massive heart attack and flatlined on the table. That’s a crazy story. I have lost my organization in my business a couple of different times. My grandma is currently fighting lung cancer and the list goes on.”

Amongst many other factors, one of the things that woke him up from his broken times and had him forge ahead was how he learnt to see obstacles and challenges. For many, problems are just what they are — problems! But Jason had to learn that problems are not just problems, but avenues for solutions to be invented. Problems are an avenue for creativity.

“I’m huge on the fact that life will happen to all of us and if we aren’t ready for it it will knock us on our ass. But we must rise above all of the obstacles that come our way and know they’re just speed bumps and not roadblocks.”

And so if this is you facing similar obstacles in life as Tattedprezzz did, know that the bumps might only slow you down, but not end your journey.

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