Jason Nemes

The Code of Behavior

I’ve developed a very targeted message delivering on the principles that I believe drive human nature to achieve goals. I then provide the practical steps to get you there! Let’s engage and explore how I can help your organization!

The essentials to unlocking a life of extreme inspiration, unlimited confidence, and endless victories. The Code of behavior depicts how every team, organization, and individual’s code of behavior directly shapes their results. Your code of behavior dictates multiple aspects of your life. It shapes the health of your body, the peace in your life, and the success of your relationships. If you want different results, you must develop and honor your code of behavior!

100 +

Keynote speaking engagements that have motivated business, individuals, students and communities.

9 Years

Impacting lives and bringing a high energy, high value message that resonates with an audiences.

300 K

I've reached over 300k people with my message on positivity. Learn more about how I can help your organization.


How can I help elevate your audience?


Engaging Virtual Solutions

  • Online Keynotes
  • Group Workshops
  • E-Learning Sessions
  • Training Content

Live Keynote Presentations

  • Engaging Content
  • Mindset Driven
  • High Energy
  • Practical Application

Team Building

  • On-Site
  • Custom Program
  • Leadership Focus
  • Tools & Resources

One on One

  • Virtual Sessions
  • Career Coaching
  • Fitness Motivation
  • Lifestyle Changes

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