Today’s industries are spearheaded not only by powerhouses who were born to privileges and whose paths, albeit still peppered with challenges, were paved with stones of implicit reassurances that success is inevitable. At the helm, as well, are household names who managed to reach the forefront of their target fields amid the odds. With nothing but determination and a clear-cut vision on their backs, these go-getters poured their hearts into their dreams until they bloomed before their eyes. One such awe-inspiring self-starter is Jason Nemes, a health and wellness coach bearing a story that resonates with countless people from all walks of life. As he continues to serve individuals and communities through his various purpose-driven initiatives, he hopes to send across the powerful message seeing one’s goals come into fruition is possible so long as they persevere.

Originally hailing from Texas, Jason Nemes is intimately privy to the harsh realities of life. Eight years ago, he had a trash bag of clothes and lived in his friend’s living room. He also fell prey to the allure of drugs, developing an addiction that he eventually beat and recovered from. Yet even when he already succeeded in translating his personal and professional visions into reality, he proved no exception to adversities when he lost his little brother and flatlined for forty seconds after suffering from a massive heart attack.

Through it all, Jason Nemes displayed resilience and an incredible attitude that had no room for giving up. This economics graduate from the University of North Texas now belongs to the top 1% of income earners across all fields, traveling the world to grace stages and setting an example for millions of others to follow.

As a health and fitness coach, Jason Nemes maneuvers people in the direction of wellness. He doesn’t only provide weight-loss strategies but also offers insight-rich perspectives on the values that individuals need to embrace in order to live a more positive life. In the process of encouraging his audiences to take control of their circumstances, he emphasizes the importance of seeking growth and shifting away from passively taking on the days as they pass by. “We can’t have a victim mentality,” shared the widely acclaimed motivational speaker. “We must rise above all of the obstacles that come our way and know they’re just speed bumps and not roadblocks.”

Despite the long list of achievements that Jason Nemes has snagged under his belt over the years, he shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Apart from scaling his smoothie bar in the future, he also plans to jet off to more countries and share his expertise on health and wellness. Additionally, this highly recognized personality aims to launch a clothing brand and a real estate company as well as a business coaching venture, the last of which is designed to guide aspiring entrepreneurs as they reach for greater heights in the commercial space.

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