Nicola Graham

Jason has help me to manage my emotions, strengthen my mentality, take massive action to grow my business! What makes him so special to me is, the fact that he has remained humble when people have tried to slander or discredit his name or character. Jason has humble spirit, and throughout our coaching sessions he exudes integrity, high standards and major discipline. Because of Jason I can now do the hard stuff and not be emotionally attached to temporary outcomes.

Kyle Novitsky

Jason has been a friend for years and I’ve seen him grow his business almost every step of the way. When I’ve seen him train and teach at events or on calls, the passion and focus he has for business is extremely apparent and it gets you feeling extremely powerful! If you want to learn how to become a better version of yourself, you can’t help be learn how to if you take his words and testimony to heart!


Your story impacted my life greatly! To hear about you going from sleeping on someone’s couch, the journey with your brother, career after UNT to where you are now is incredible! I highly enjoy that you are are down to earth and truly help or encourage anyone no matter if they are directly on your team or not. You continue to transform and it’s been amazing to see! Still inspiring so many of us day!! Thank you!